colleague: My laptop wont start, I don't know what happend. It worked this morning.
me: alright, Ill take a look at it.

I walk down to another room and proceed to open it up. Some kind of smell is rising from the poor laptop. I know that scent.
The motherboard is completely soaked into coffe, with milk.
I walk up the colleague:

me: do you prefer coffe with milk och without?
colleague: haha, it depends on what mood I am in. ( she is obviously stressed about it )
me: that poor laptop of yours, is dead. You soaked it in your coffe
colleague: haha what? No I have not. It worked last night when I used it ( notice how she changed "this morning" to "last night".

I just walk away, and I hope that the insurance does not cover this shit.

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    coffee strike's again. mwahaha
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    It's stupid, but shit happens I guess? Why not just be honest about it?

    I actually spilt some fanta over my laptop keyboard once (not too much luckily), I immediately turned it off and dried it, never had any problems with it.
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    That happened once or twice with my wife's laptop. Luckily I always was in the room when it happened and I always made her flip it face down.

    The liquid never reached the circuits and she only had to clean off the keyboard.
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    A colleague of mine soaked his laptop in lucozade. It actually improved usability thanks to Windows sticky keys.
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