A recruiter asked me: "Are you familiar with...VLAN?"

I'm a certified network technician, and the recruiter knew that beforehand.

It's a bit like asking a bicycle delivery man if he knows about handlebars. Well, yes? Which was what I answered. Not sure how I could have answered that question without sounding stupid.

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    He probably had a box to tick. Thats how recruiters / employers work!
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    Well, there are many technicans with alot of certifications that doesnt know a thing
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    @Linux Even if you braindump your way through the easiest certification you can find it's impossible to not at least hear about VLAN's.

    He didn't ask me to explain VLAN'S either. He just wanted to know if I knew about it. "No. I'm not a VLAN networking kind of guy."
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