People, have you tried the new board system on GitLab's issues?

I use Gitlab in my company (because it's awesome), but my personal projects are in GitHub. I'm thinking about moving some of them to GitLab because of this feature (I really like to organize things and really hate to use multiple services to run a project, so this new board/kanban system makes Taiga, which I am currently using to run things, kind of redundant).

About the new GitLab's feature

The downside of this is that I don't see GL as a social experience like GH.

Any avice? Thank you.

Important: I'm not a PM of some sort. Just a dev.

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    I have everything in gitlab. :)

    the only thing I'm missing in the board is that I want all issue in One group on one board.

    but I looks like it maybee is coming some day
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