You know you're no longer a junior when you start preferring Mozilla Developer Network over W3Schools

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    I always preferred MDN, since their documentation is up to date and spot on, even when i was a complete beginner.
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    So I’m kind of in between... what am I xD
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    So I have a bad habit of not remembering exactly HOW to do a thing, just that it CAN be done, and this results in me googling stupid shit with quick answers all the time. A lot of the time the quickest and easiest result reminding me how a thing works is W3Schools, so I feel like I can't throw them under the bus entirely. That being said, yes MDN is far superior.
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    I think I hated w3 from the first moment I laid eyes on that green pile of web vomit
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    I blocked W3Schools from showing in my search options.
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