I am not a smart man.
Usually when I abandon project, I abandon it hard. Delete every trace of this failure, it never happened.

Well my friend doesn't, and two weeks ago he applied for a job as a game dev, and in resume he showed all of his work. Even the ones so barely functional that I wouldn't feel comfortable showing to my most compassionate friend. Somehow, he got it.

So for the past two weeks I've done nothing other than painstakingly recreating most of my projects in order to apply for the position before it fills.

Save your projects kids, no matter how crap they are. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

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    Old projects might show how fast you learn. And quick learners are always good to have around.
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    Even just *having* side projects shows that you’re interested in coding beyond it just being a job. As someone who has conducted interviews for tech positions before I can tell you MOST people who apply don’t have any kind of personal experience or side projects at all, and that’s never a good first impression.
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    I think there's a disconnect between what most people would feel comfortable showing off and what a hiring manager is looking for in a side project.

    Most of them realize that you aren't really building them to be used in a production environment and haven't put in that level of polish, so it's more about seeing the things you can do rather than picking it apart looking for bugs and errors.
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    I still have my projects from highschool, from when I was just learning the basics of programming...

    Nostalgia trip :)
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