I was a good programmer.

My teachers always impressed by work..
I was like coming up on my own solutions not from books. Never remembered any algo but still the one who solve mostly every problems

Well then..

joined companies after college.

I thought I will learn so many new things..

Yes i learned but I'm feeling like I'm losing the spirit of problem solving

I'm just doing same thing, same logic, making similar kind of application with just little difference.

Nothing is like i'm making something new... All I'm doing is using predefined java and android method..

To create some predefined designs and working.

Fucking similar client requirements.

Seems like time to quit job and dedicate myself toward research

I know it's a boring rant... I'm just fucking

For some
Hope hope = new Hope() ;

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    I wouldn't say that makes you a bad programmer. You still are a good programmer!

    All those problems are similar, client requirements are similar, so the solution is similar as well. No need to reinvent the wheel there.

    If what motivates you is to learn and apply new things and face diverse problems to solve, then that work environment doesn't helps. I hope you can find a more suitable one!

    Again, don't say you "were" a good programmer. You still are!
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    @xzvf only in C++
    Also, that would be Hope* hope

    That syntax is fine for Java/C#
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    precisely why i spent 4 years trying to escape the fucking corporate and webdev world. 98% of "apps" in it exist just because people are too lazy/stupid to learn how to use excel fully and properly.

    all of it is just spreadsheets with a fancy ui to make them not look like spreadsheets. each time, every time, writing the same crap over and over again.

    but i finally escaped it, and now i'm also finally putting my foot(hold?) into the area that i always wanted to do, that made me start learning programming in the first place.

    oh, beautiful, sweet multimedia and game dev <3
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    Do your own challenges/side projects in your spare time. For instance you can dive into game development (write your own engine), penetration testing, iot, or machine learning. The possibilities are endless in computer science and related fields.

    You can also try to automate routine tasks to buy you even more free time for your own research.
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    @finiteAutomaton mmmmh, oooh yeahhh... penetration testing can be an awesome side-project, if you find some nice targets...
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    Write and sell your own software. You can pick any project and take on any challenge you want.

    Grow. Expand.

    Don't be a robot.
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    @Midnigh-shcode class, how did you escape, what was a winner tactic for you?
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    This and sheer human stupidity made me quit programming.
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    @aerfromenes started telling everyone everywhere that that's what I do (games), and that if they don't have a job where I can be creative, do something multimedial where I can use all of my talents, and they just want me to be a codemonkey for some glorified excel, I'd prefer for them to not contact me so we can save both our times. =D

    and replying to recruiter mails with their corporate coding jobs that I'd like them to fix info they have about me in their database, and then listed what the correct info is (multimedia/vr/interactive apps and games).

    and registered to upwork and set my filters to gaming works.

    basically, as they say, i've been faking it until now when it seems i'm starting to be making it :)
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    @Midnigh-shcode cool, good for you! hard work paid off. Did you contribute to any open source or wrote something yourself? (i mean within gaming)

    sorry just find it really interesting as a person who was stuck doing something i didnt like either hehe - took very similar steps as you actually :)
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    Bro become a teacher! That is so fulfilling and you get to share your meta-knowledge with other people and can use it with them to spark their creatvity and passion for what you love to do. And maybe the future programmers can get that vibe from you as well to create a better workplace for people like you in the future.
    Sounds confusing but just remember
    Don't let your environment change you! If you want to go for complete freedom for your programming and do something else for money that would be awesome! Please pursue your dream and don't let anyone get in your way! You are a real asset to any programmer out there, because you are the one that can write those really complex algorithms so that we can just access them with a one-liner.
    Stay awesome and do what you love!
    You deserve it
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    You do not enjoy and got bored at the repetitive tasks of daily life.
    You currently have a problem.
    You said you are good at solving problem.
    So why not you try to solve it in programming?

    Like create a script so you don't have to do the same things repeatedly 🤔
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    @aerfromenes nah, i kinda dislike open source.
    if i'm so lazy that i choose to use someone else's code, i don't want to have to look at it, and let its clutter contribute to my clutter, so i prefer dlls.

    and if i'm willing to invest tge time and effort into writing it myself, i don't want any rando to poke around in it and just take parts of it and pretend he wrote it.

    i just recorded some timelapse videos from working on my own game stuff (none of it finished yet) and from working on my first actual gaming contract (crashed and burned because the client/boss was kind of a psycho) and started to include links to those with my resume.

    they look mighty cool even though i have nothing to show (yet) in the finished products department, so they landed me a job every time.

    oh, actually, technically, i released my first game already, but it's kind of a crappy, buggy thing, more of an unfinished prototype, so i tend not to talk about it too much.

    working on my second thing now.
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    delete hope;
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    Come to the research side my friend :D
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