Fuck you motherfuckin fuck!!!
Just installed Fedora on my laptop,
Installed i3wm aannnndddd i3 crashs every time, when I try to run it.

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    Keep at it.
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    Fedora, just Fedora
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    Define "crash"? What happens?
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    Its loads till the window, where it asks me, to create a new configuration file,
    Then, it freezes and I can't do anything anymore.
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    @metamourge sounds like it's working as intended, install xterm and press mod+enter
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    Thanks, but I'm not new to i3, so I didn't miss this.

    It actually seems to be a problem with xorg, since I installed lightdm,
    And the lightdm-greeter suffers from the same illness,
    Like accepting no keyboard, nor mouse input.
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    OK, seems like I solved it, some packages were missing.
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