Anyone else agree jetbrains tools are starting to slip a little overall?

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    Can you elaborate? Why do you think that? Is it possibly that the competition is getting better?
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    Depends on your toolset I guess. I use IntelliJ and PyCharm but their other tools aren't as good imo
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    Weird issues with code parsing, crashes and freezes with indexing, problems with Swift support, auto completion not working all the time. This is mostly with AppCode which I use almost daily. I also use IntelliJ and Android Studio and have noticed less nonsense, but still more minor annoyances than I've had from their products over the years. I've been an IntelliJ user for 7-8 years now.

    As for competition, they don't really have strong competition with their Java, iOS, and Android Products.

    Eclipse is a broken, bloated pile of nuts and bolts.
    NetBeans can't be taken seriously, no real Gradle support yet???
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    @Hastouki Eclipse can work if you know how to fiddle with it long enough. Then Maven/Gradle makes that a moot point and you go to a better IDE. :P
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    @Hastouki I would have thought Apple's approach to things would make AppCode the hardest IDE to produce. But, I've not used it.
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    @starrynights89 I've been fiddling with Eclipse for over 10 years, and still don't can't bring myself to use it. I go through phases where I reinstall it, start clean and over the next few weeks remember how bad it is. Its crap, especially on a Mac. There have been sites dedicated to how absolutely crap eclipse is.
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    @Hastouki It's one of the bottom 5 tools I've ever used, yes. MySQL workbench is getting close to grinding my nerves too.
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    @starrynights89 that's another one hah
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    @Hastouki Top 5 worst tools I've used.


    mySQL workbench


    Internet Explorer


    ...Without extensions. :P
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    @starrynights89 vim without extensions is still a super stable and useful editor with the best key bindings ever created. I'd say emacs is pretty shit without extensions, though I'm an Emacs + eVil mode guy.
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    @Hastouki I do evil mode too. I can and do use pure vim but I can't understand people who try to make it into a full blown IDE replacement.
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    @starrynights89 I gave it a shot for my C++ projects, bit Emacs just has way better plugins for project management, Git, completion etc. I use vim a lot for just quick edits and such. Can't imagine installing arch without vi/m for example.
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    I had a huge solution and had to turn off resharper coz it kept otherthinking things and making my PC hang :(
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    @Gentoo but android studio is made by google. They had a nice basis and fucked it up horribly like most of their products.
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    @starrynights89 I love mysql Workbench but it has so many limitations that i hate it..
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    Yeah Intellij 2017 had a lot less issues than any of the 2018 releases for me.

    So far a ton of visual/focus bugs (apparently tiling wms had it even worse), freezing plug-ins, utterly trashy icon redesign, and a few quirks to the recently opened files that are really annoying to my workflow.
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    Never had problems with PHPStorm.
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