What are your favorite programming tools? ex. editors, ide, etc.

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    vim, always vim
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    IDE: IntelliJ
    Git Client: Smart Git
    OS: Ubuntu
    Language: Java
    Build Platform: Maven
    CI: Jenkins
    Static Code Analysis: SonarQube
    Repostory: Artifactory
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    @h3ll hardcore git! I use SourceTree but inevitably fall back to command line for the awkward or unsupported stuff.
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    Language: C# then TypeScript.
    IDE: Intellij, Visual Studio with ReSharper.
    Editor: Atom
    Terminal: iTerm2
    OS: macOS El Capitan
    Build platform: Gulp
    CI: Travis
    Git repo: GitHub
    Platforms: Node, Xamarin, Electron.
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    🐙🐙 Gitkraken 🐙🐙
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    Language: Swift
    Kinda stuck with Xcode as my IDE as the only other option is Appcode which doesnt really have proper interface builder support.
    Visual Studio Code for Javascript.
    Vim for config files.
    Command line Git.
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    cli git, bash, atom, eclipse, c, go, vi, python
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    webstorm, intellij, brackets, babun, git using the command line, browser-sync
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    zsh with vim bindings
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