For the first time I tried to use WordPress. I spent almost 30mins. Now I decided I should not use that again in my life. Fuck WordPress.

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    I hope you use Docker to try WP and not a real installation...
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    @Maartz define "real installation" as to oppose the "fake" installation inside Docker or other VMs.
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    @theKarlisK an installation where you manually put the WP file in server and config DB etc etc, all this shitty stuff.

    You can just build a WP site with Docker-Compose and you avoid a tons of shit to do.

    But right, there’s no « fake » install.
    Just for saying all this pain for saying WP is shit is pretty overkill IMO.
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    @Maartz oh, basically automated vs manual install - gotcha. I briefly thought you were talking about production setup vs testing, which made me wonder.

    WP, like 'site builders' and everything in-between is good only for "I wanna have blog but have no idea beyond how to open my web browser and go to Facebook" situations... if one has the slightest knowlege in programming, they should steer clear of Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla.
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