Well, it happened!
After decades of waiting, it finally happened...

Very early on in my career, I was told that one day, one of your client will ask you to make the logo bigger.

Well, today was that day.

My client didn’t really understand just how much of a negative impact it would have on his site’s navigation by making his always obnoxiously larger ugly icon an additional 10% bigger.

He also failed to understand aspect ratio and forced me to stretch his low/res raster image without scaling it in all 2 dimensions.

He actually used the line from the infamous song “...I don’t want to tel you how to do your job by can you make the logo bigger?”


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    Congrats, its the promised day you have been waiting for!
    Now, it may come up again and again in an infinity loop.

    👏🏻👏🏻 for the song lol
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    Let's not make hasty decisions. There could have been a very good reason why the logo endured for decades. Changing the size doesn't matter, what's more important is the reputation that goes with the logo, whether big or small, as long as it is recognizable. I would suggest to view it from a smaller screen and then from a larger screen. If you think it doesn't make any difference why not we give this to our art department for rework? Or better yet let's seek feedback from our UX department. In the meantime get a bigger monitor for yourself.. it's about time you switch to that curved 4k monitor. 🤣
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    Wow the song
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