[Update on previous rant at the bottom]

So I had the technical test last friday. I did not try to implement any automated test as it is not my forte.

I had three hours to showcase my knowledge of data structures and OOP so I did that.

The test was somewhat long actually, so I left out one part that I did not have time to implement: validation of input files.

Today I got feedback, everything went well, they liked my code and I only got two negatives: Error handling and automated tests xD

Now I'm going to the second phase: phone interviews and they are gonna asks the whys of my implementation.

I'll have to explain why I did not implement automated tests and the girl on the phone told me "they didn't like it much that you had no tests because tests are very important for us".

I guess I'll have to come clean and say that I'm not very strong on that but willing to learn, so I didn't want to risk it doing something I'm not really good at.

I hope it ends up well.

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    Did you said that? Your last rant first comment literally said so, and it’s a good advice tbh

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    @devTea I always try to be honest. In the first time ever job I had, my boss interviewing me asked:

    "do you know how to do x thing?

    it's ok if you don't but I need to know it so I don't ask you to believing you know"

    And I've always have that in mind.

    Also @CodeMonkeyG put a nice example on how things could go terribly wrong if you lie about it.
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    @devTea And I have the phone interview tomorrow. That's what I'm gonna tell them.
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    @antorqs yes you should, hope everything went well for you. Good luck

    I also value honesty and hard work more than what you is your current skillset
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    Good luck on that buddy!
    Hope that honesty pays off :)
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