How come everyone is an alcoholic on devant but I hardly met one alcoholic dev in my real life?

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    might be the same answer than to the question why i know exactly one developer in person and all others of my personal contacts hardly know how to switch the machine on.
    here is where dev happens.
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    Why is there more people searching for a partner on a dating site - same as mentioned before, the audience is pre-filtered already, so you got a developer, eliminating one criteria and some of them will have problem(s) with alcohol, not that hard.
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    Come to me babe :3
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    Living in the wrong country..
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    They just hide it well.
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    that's why
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    Give a man a mask, and he'll show you his true face.
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    @thatsnotnice shouldn't Dev inherit from Guy though?

    After all, not every Guy is a Dev (but then, not every Dev is a guy either... Welp, nvm my comment then)
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    @Krokoklemme inheritance sucks :D
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    @thatsnotnice yup, composition > inheritance, though it does have its places 😉
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