Have you ever installed libc++?

If you haven't then i warn you.
When libc++ installs it does a lot of tests and it takes fucking forever!
What the fuck!
What are you even testing? How long patience people have?

And sorry for not screenshoting. I dont want to accidently interupt their "testing"

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    Installing clang or gcc? It's probably compiling a lot of stuff. It's basically a nightmare of header files that are loaded, parsed, compiled, linked, optimized...
    Go grab a coffee, take a shower, read a book or two :)
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    @lucaspar libc++ i said XD
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    @HampusMa yeah... that's the library, I assumed you need it for a program, that's why I mentioned gcc / clang.
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    @lucaspar oh ok. I need it for discord
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    You can ignore tests by passing --nocheck argument to makepkg.

    You can also let makepkg to use multithread for compiling, by changing MAKEFLAGS to :


    I use discord client as well.
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    Well, it's not a small library. There's a lot of functionality to test.
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    @HampusMa Fml. Forgot to charge my laptop so i have to install libc++ again. But this time i'm installing it over night so it will hopefully be done at the morning
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