By now I'm about a month into my first job, and I've gotta say: working full-time kinda sucks. Even if I'm enjoying what I'm developing, 8 hours is still way too long to try to focus on one project. I could get more done in a productive 4 to 5 hour stretch than I've been getting done in the whole 8 I'm here. I guess that's part of the allure of freelancing though.

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    that's true for me too.
    That's why apart from the salery i like getting paid by the hour.
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    @heyheni so do you do freelance work, or does your company pay you by the hour?
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    @Orni company, until now they are ok with it that I sleep until 9am and i show up at work around 11am.
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    @heyheni that sounds nice
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    Preach, 8 hour days are not efficient or useful. I love programming and I get my work done, but I feel like I spend as much time worrying about looking like I am working as I do actually working.
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