Am I losing it or do you also struggle to read that without your mind immediately associating it with @AlexDeLarge?

Dude you've either got a strong brand going or a potential stalker... In my head even see your avatar.

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    I believe you're just losing it lol
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    @AlexDeLarge In case your wondering the dev in the article is a mildly mannered prick and absolutely fucking miserable, not angry so it's kind of disappointing :/

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    @Stuxnet Your fucking right! The attachment was there a second ago 😂
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    True, @AlexDeLarge is a hero! 😬👍🏼
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    @kurtr After seeing the attachment, I retract my comment about you losing it.

    I'd definitely think of him if I read that lol
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    @AlexDeLarge Lol like I said the article is disappointing and there's no comparison on character types. Your anger is so fiery & pure it's almost poetic, the guy they are describing is just frustrated and miserable because he was born.
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    The other side of the whining goes like this: it's an efficient solution to scare off dumbasses so that they don't come and fuck up my projects. Especially since I have no reason to get their shit straight because they don't give me the money that the company gave them to solve their fucking tasks, which they miserably fail at.

    And if HR cunts employ stupid afterbirth shit just because it was slimy enough in the interview, this is not an argument for lowering standards.
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    @AlexDeLarge But we're not, and now your famous so you have to stick it out for the rest of us. I hope that really fucks you off, there's more passion and fire in your rants than the eyes of the dude who keeps telling to use react and that's something special. 😆
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    @Fast-Nop Now that's what you call dedication! I doubt would waste my breath a second time, I would probably just walk out.

    ... and the article said they don't like teaching. 🙄
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    @kurtr well a difference is that I don't assume that I'm perfect, and if say testing comes up and thinks there is an issue with my code, I always go through that politely, even if it turns out that they just didn't consider peripheral requirements.

    But this week, I have to wade through a horror codebase left by someone whom the other department hadn't had the balls to scare out in time. I only wish that some assholish dev had stopped this moron in his tracks before the tech debt had piled up so high that it's now easier to dig a tunnel through it than to get over it.
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    @Fast-Nop I know exactly what you mean. I just had to give away concert tickets and pull an 18 hour all nighter last minute on a public holiday migrating and refactoring a 20y/o asp classic clusterfuck of a codebase to a data center 13 307,6 km away and then change the dns records on 1785 domains to an alias so this never happens again. I was quite shocked to find we had no control of +-80 of them I had to transfer ownership of our domains back to us.

    By some fucking miracle I pulled this off with just under 15 minutes of down time and didn't get a single fucking thank you, I did however wake up to a phone call just after falling asleep only to have my ear chewed off because a single domain wasn't redirecting to the www. version.

    This is why we have devrant.
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