Hand milled roundy v2.0

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    Claps n snaps for the hardwork. 👏
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    Roundy from hell!!!
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    Looks neat :) keep up the good work!
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    Thanks, :p Now a USB cable...
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    @GyroGearloose haha that led roundy made my day thanks, well done!
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    Thank you guys. Your suport gives me power for more.
    Next roundy will only be born in a cnc, so let's hope I picked the right resistances (this leds require at least 500 ohm) burned a few to get the best balance.
    Long live the Chinese and their fucking prices :p I don't mind wasting 0.01€/$ to learn lol
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    @GyroGearloose Learn the theory first and you will not burn components. There are a lot of tutorials teaching how to calculate the resistance that you should use for a led. Here is the formula:

    R = (V-VLED)/ILED

    Where R is the resistor, V the voltage applied, VLED the voltage drop of the LED (this changes with the color, red is 1.8v, green 2.7v, blue 3.1v, white 3.3v) and ILED the current that the LED needs (normal LEDs 20mA, but you have to use 5mA less approx to extend the life of the component).
    These tips comes from my practice through years. I recommend you test the VLED and ILEd of your LEDs to get your own conclusions.

    Btw, I like the roundy. Keep learning!
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    Yep but the supplyer site doesn't have references, I used the same for 5mm and burned all the leds on roundy v0. 1...
    So started testing from 2k down.
    But also tested a theory, my brother always welded a resistor to the anode and canode, tested placing the same but without welding, with the resistance behind and puff.
    Now I know hehehe. Better trade + leg for a resistor.
    I don't really have brains for the theory right now... I'm reading a basic arduino tutorial because I forget things very fast and need to keep reading the basics. I only really learn now by doing, so I do, I test, I try to improve. From simple things as welding to Ideias that might work I learn more from failures then success, so win=win situation
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    Btw already burned a powerbank... Got 3 lipo batteries and the controller, one battery got damaged.
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    We all learn faster doing but you have to read about it before. Burn a led isn't a problem but burn a more expensive component is. Don't be afraid but be careful.
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    @LuxARTS yes, that is why most of my projects are stalled...
    I'll just go slow and do one project at a time. I just keep refreshing the basics and doing stuff. Also have a table for resistors according to the voltage and led. But because I had to be shore burned two leds on porpoise. Next time I'll remember it :p
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    Oh and I've been printing manuals I copy from sites like instructables. Like this weekend I'll go out with my parents on short vacation and I'll take the stuff I need to make a plotter and a cnc. I have the manuals, my phone to program and can start the circuit without distractions... After building the first it will be a lot easyer to do larger ones.
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    @GyroGearloose Good luck! Post your progress, we want to see it. :)
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    Thanks. It's always good to feel supported, this is the first social network where other people's interests and opinions mater to me.
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