Looks like ESLint is all confused about my tabs and spaces. I've never seen this kind of error message where it expects the tabs to be the same number as the spaces indentation? I have it configured for 1 tab = 2 spaces.

So confused. Must fix. Red squiggles make my blood hurt.

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    it works alright on my vscode though
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    @stonefruit "Invalid, can't replicate"
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    @nate I think the issue was I had a seperate config file for eslint that was conflicting with vscode
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    @starrynights89 so you used tabs instead of spaces or the other way around?
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    Don't forget to implement shouldComponentUpdate to tell that intelligent React creature what has updated because he doesn't know on his own and has to rerender everything always 😒 #suchGreatness #justReactLogic
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    @Codex404 I traditionally use tabs to do 4 spaces in my Java code and 2 spaces for each tab in HTML and Javascript. VScode got pretty confused over that but it works fine in Intellij. 😅
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    @DanijelH I'm extremely new to Javascript so React ES6 has been pretty great way to ease me into the language. From my point of view Javascript just seems to be a simpler and more specialized language compared to Java and Python. That opinion might change over time but it's a great tool. I understand JS better then CSS and HTML half the time anyways. 🙃
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