My last episode of Game of Thrones got ruined because of spoilers on social media 🙈 So to ensure that I don't get any spoilers for the GoT finale, I created a small chrome extension which automatically blurs out any GoT presence or prospective spoiler from websites I visit.

So for all those who are worried about the spoilers, can give it a try over here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/...

Might be a bit buggy here and there so do share any feedback you have. 👍🏼 #WeekdayHackathons

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    This is actually a pretty good idea, well played sir!
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    Can I have a mod to block idiots
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    @chadd17 haha! Right now it has only focus on GoT but definitely a good use 😊👍🏼
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    Good job sir! I will try it
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    Sadly, this will be in use for a week or so.. just one episode left since next season.
    I'm definitely trying it though!
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    I'm Really curious: how does this work? So how do you recognize any GoT content? Does it just scan for certain words and names and blurs the whole paragraph?
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    Please make it common. So a general "word" paragraph blur on words the user defines.

    So I can blur every occurrence of the words "Donald Trump" and "Trump".
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    GitHub link?
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    Good job!
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    Hey guys! Apologies for the delay in reply. This is something I made in 3-4 hours specifically with GoT in mind. But it does make sense to generalise it so that it can be used for anything. From banning ex girlfriend's presence to certain political figures. Or you never know, click bait articles too. Those sure waste a lot of our time. :)

    I will try to clean it up a bit over the weekend and launch an open sourced version on GitHub 👍. Thank you.

    Yes, it should work in messenger and it even blurred my subtitles on Primevideo lol 🙈
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    How's the project going? Not on your Github yet
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    Could you please make it moddable, so that users can pick the show(s) to hide spoilers from?
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