My father has an old powermac (G5 I believe) and wants a modern lightweight OS since apple dropped support a while ago. I proposed Linux and my father seemed intrigued to try it out. Tomorrow I get the machine and get to set it up.

I was thinking of Elementary OS, since he is an Apple fanboy. What do you think about that decision?

Never used or installed it before, but how hard can it be?
*obligatorily mentioning that I use Arch Linux*

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    Have him use FreeBSD, it's what macOS was built from.

    No but seriously Elementary OS is the best Mac esque experience you can get from Linux.

    IMO macOS is just unix with a subpar DE, so he should do well. :)
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    uhuh...gl with that

    what nix-es still supports a G5 ?
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    Still have 2 G5 cheese graters I use for media conversion jobs. Grat machine, and a grea shame they did away with that case!
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    deepin os
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    @zlice Linux, because there will be drivers for almost everything. (You might be stuck with older kernels because support does get dropped every now and then, but Linux will be the best bet for old hardware.)
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    @Clear0Ff pretty sure deepin won't work. think the choices are debian and gentoo...maybe a few others but i'd guess they're out of date
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    Let me know how that went, I also have a Mac from a similar era
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