Vegans are like arch users. They need to tell everyone.

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    This applies to people who drives electric cars too
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    Hey I run Arch on my Tesla MX and that's not true!
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    Btw I use cabbage.
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    I don't need to tell anyone 🤷
    Dunno where you got that information o_O
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    I'm an arch Linux user as well as a vegan and I never told anybody.

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    All these Archies telling me: "I can understand that newbs use Ubuntu, but eventually you'll switch to Arch"

    Vegans telling me: "You'll feel so much better if you don't eat meat, veganism is spreading, eventually everyone will realize how great it is"

    Me: "I used to be a vegetarian with asthma and vertigo problems, now I eat keto/paleo with 70kg of beef and chicken in my freezer and I'm healthy. Also, I'm using Linux Mint after 4 years of Arch, because I got sick of Pacman breaking random shit on my system".

    I'm glad you found your temporary Valhalla, but it is not the perfect state for everyone.

    So you think OSX is this best OS ever? Good for you, I hate it, give me my Mint please.

    So you think VS Code is the best editor ever made. I hate it, give me my Vim please.

    You are really into crossfit? Awesome, keep going bro, but I'm not going full retard with a truck tire.

    You laugh at me for wearing socks with sandals? IT'S THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF WARMTH AND VENTILATION.
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    Something about aliens with pointy ears pointing out that merit and glory can be found in infinite diversity in infinite combinations.
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    @bittersweet, A fellow Mint user!
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    @Brosyl How do you know a dev has a gf — they'll tell you.

    (I caught one too... you just have to walk through tall grass a lot)
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    @jespersh not directly and not intentionally
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