Two containers had accident this morning. Result? Wasted 45 mins in traffic and my 90 mins commute to office became 135 mins.

// I really don't care about causalities and stuff. Is it me alone who is too self centered? 🤔

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    Initially, I thought that you described how two Docker containers had an accident and made a baby Docker Container. :D
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    @theKarlisK It was confusing for a moment, yes
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    @theKarlisK I was about to comment the same thing 😂
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    @albi I guess that's how microservices are made...
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    @oudalally I'd guess so - have them be dependent on the parent API up until a certain age after which they no longer depend on legacy code and can handle their own API calls.
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    @oudalally or my avatar looks like your creepy twin. :)
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    @oudalally eh... I'd say moderate. I think we both still got some way to go to.
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    Interesting. From car accident, we have passed Dockers and APIs marriage and now at avatarship 🤔😛😆😆
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    A 90min commute will make anybody salty
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