Create a fact file and orbital molecule to the substance I've adviced you.

- 1min ctrl+c ctrl+v of facts/description
- 2h making a 3D model in blender lol

I like wasting time

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    I once did a project for "Art and culture education" subject where I made the whole presentation a 1080p60 video with camera tracking, motion tracking, 3D effects and objects and then I had to sync up the whole thing with my text, movements and music... It took me waaaaay too long to make that project... But I still like how it turned out to this day. (side note: I "borrowed" the music from Witcher 3 because I was making a project about Kraków and I thought it would be quite fitting as it was about history and Poland.
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    I tried to use Blender but the UX sucks. I spent hours to make a a simple component. Now I'm using SketchUp for fast and easy shapes and Fusion360 for mechanical pieces.
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    @LuxARTS It's a high learning curve, for sure. Blender was designed as a speed tool for professionals, so the UI doesn't really fit common expectations and isn't really meant to be friendly (it's supposed to stay out of the way and let keyboard shortcuts do the work). I haven't decided to invest the time to learn it yet myself, so I sympathize.
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    is that toluene?
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    @LuxARTS Blender is a bit of a pain to get used to yeah
    But incredibly fast once you do. It's also not the best for hard surface modelling, which is what you seem to be doing.
    Oh well, whatever works for you.
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    @LuxARTS but it's free, open source and will get an UX update
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    @BambuSource Fusion360 it's also "free" if you're student (which I'm). I tried FreeCAD but the UX sucks too.
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