Is it legal that the day you're out for license, the project manager change your password and enter your email?

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    If it's your corporate email then I suspect so. If your personal email, then that's a different story.

    Of course, legal doesn't mean it was polite.
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    @platypus yes the corporate email
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    legal or not, it would tick me the fuck off. It's far from polite and shouldn't be done unless in an emergency
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    @CoffeeNcode I'm like what the actual fuck!

    So I send an email from my personal account to the PM with a copy to the HR. And her response was like yes it was me, we need to publish the iOS app, TTY on Monday, enjoy your day off.
    1. My corporate email doesn't have a shit related with the apple developer account.
    2. The architect is the agent of the apple account, he is there, he can publish.
    3. I'm at my uncle funeral you peace of fucking bitch!
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    @natescra my upright condolences. how horrible of them to make a really sad day even worse. If I were you I'd file an official complaint somewhere higher up. might not change anything, but they should be made aware imho
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    @natescra that's actually horrible dud. :(
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