When I was in college I was working on a game in Java using Slick2D. My folks were away on holiday so I had the ability to drink in the house (I was over 18). I worked on this coursework piece whilst drinking.

The next morning I went into college with my work and found that it had a massive memory leak that was included by the work that I’d done whilst under the influence.

The issue was fixed (quite easily tbh) but everyone in my class reminded me for the rest of the year...

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    wait a minute, writing games in java, wow, is this common?
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    @BadCompany At the time Java was my best known language, I saw one of the Minecraft dev team use Slick2D in a gamejam they did for charity so thought I would try it...

    The coursework spec didn’t indicate language but the lecturer wanted us to use C# Forms...

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    @BadCompany There was a time, maybe ~15 years ago, when Java ME was the go-to platform for mobile phone games.
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    @kamen I remember making a Pac-Man game for my Nokia 1680 in Java, quite proud of it tbh, but was a bit naff compared to what I can do now
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    Honestly I really like Java as a language. It was the first language I learnt 7 or so years ago and I made a game using it. I wouldn't have switched if it was optimal to make games using it.
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