Going on vacation for a couple of days next week. So, apparently, the people scheduling the on-call rotation think it's a great idea to assign me on-call duty next week.

ME: ...you know I'm going on vacation, right?

THEM: Oh don't worry, nothing ever happens, and 95% of the time it's just this easy stuff that can be dealt with quickly.

ME (internally): ...I was taking this vacation time to get *away* from having to think about work. Now I'm going to have to keep this in the back of my mind the entire time I'm away, checking for alerts, and potentially interrupt my flow to deal with work, defeating the point of why I'm taking the down time.

Fuck this. If I'd known earlier I'd have tried to get the time rescheduled, but of course this happens on the weekend, the day before.

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    Oh no phone coverage nor wifi, soooo sorry :(
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    My co-worker is on holiday, and all of a sudden, one of his projects jumped into my face where we didn't prepare shit because we didn't think it would go hot. Well it did, and now I have three fucking projects on my bloody desk, my own one which I'm supposed to be full time on, and two of his ones, and I didn't bother to call him up because it's my fucking job to deal with it, and it's his fucking holidays where I won't bother him no matter what.
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    What you say is: I won't be here. Do not contact me, for any reason whatsoever. Not if the building is on fire. Not if I, or the entire company, are fired. Not if the entire production system is down and is losing a million dollars an hour. Not even if people will actually die. So much as one text, and you'll be reported to the state labor board, and hear from my lawyer about harassment. And don't trample on my projects either, because I will force push to master the moment I come back.
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    just switch off your phone.
    when you get back, if anyone complains about anything, just tell them "i told you i'm going on vacation. you told me not to worry about it. so i didn't."
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