15years into engineering and suddenly imposter syndrome symptoms. Anyone else?

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    15 years, how do you keep up with the changes?
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    Every day.
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    I feel that way everytime someone mentions something I've never heard of, last time was GraphQL. Though, I go back to normal when I look at the shitty work everyone else does around here.
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    @mundo03 I focus on selective stuff and try not to poke my head into all that gazillon hipster things that make it to HN home page. For instance I'm not into any of those Crypto, ML, AI madness that's currently going on.
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    I would say it's a much better neurosis than overconfidence.
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    nah, after 12 years i stopped having that, even at positions where i probably SHOULD HAVE had it =D

    it's like "whatever, don't care, i'm smart enough to learn it along the way, or at least fudge it, most other people also have no idea what's going on in it anyway"
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