Whenever you're feeling like a fraud and you think you're not good enough.

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    I always feel like an idiot after coding something kinda hard. Because when I understand the problem and the solution, it seems to me that anyone could do it - so that I'm no genius :/

    That feeling kinda sucks
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    @honeyBadgerJeff that is the whole point of it. It means you are evolving continuously.

    I used to feel the same way. Before I start a project I'm thinking wow, this won't be easy.

    After I finished it, wow I can't believe I was whining about that...
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    the chrome incognito icon in the corner makes me think this is an infographic of what porn people watch.
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    Really accurate picture. And it shows why among programmers everybody learn from each other. We have only scraps of knowledge if we look at giant pile of technologies we need to use to get jobs done but it's always(or usually) somehow working out.
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    @h0ffline you may in fact be right
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    If you have tourtoisesvn installed with tortoisemerge you can use the command "git mergetool" then set your editor to tortoisemerge.

    So far it's been the best conflict resolution tool that I have seen. The nice part is it has its own auto conflict resolution script and often is able to properly fix "conflicts" that didn't technically need to be conflicts due to whitespace differences etc...
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