Not really a dev related rant but a rant nonetheless
Why is auto renewal forced now on subscription services now? I don't want to have to cancel my service by jumping through hoops and explaining why I want to cancel it before finally cancelling it. I've had to help my parents unsubscribe from a few services because it was too confusing for them to do themselves and they've just let them suck from their wallets for half a year.
I am even angrier at long "free trials" that you are REQUIRED to enter payment information for so that they can charge you once it's over if you don't remember to cancel it after a month and a half. Can't we just go back to auto renewal being an option, please?

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    In California, new laws require that if you can sign up for something online, you should be able to cancel it only.

    Having to call or go in person is known as a Dark Pattern. Another set of examples are gym memberships. Here's a post about it:

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    ... you've answered your own question
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