It's Friday evening, so time to drink a whole bunch of booze.

What are you drinking tonight? I'm on vodka and orange, but probably switching to beer shortly.

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    I'm in the middle of moving into a new house. Naturally, my friend has taken this opportunity to fill the new fridge/freezer with various beers, boozes, and wines. It's impressive.

    Correlated to the new house, I'm now too broke to buy my own drinks. So in answer to the question, I'll be drinking whatever is in that refrigerator! 🤰
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    Yep just started on the vodka and coke with plenty if ice.
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    Wine for now, probably switch to port and pot later.
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    I think it might be time for the pot ...
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    @catadoxa port ❤ and special beers: ❤💜😍
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    I'm a bit late, but started with beers, then went to dirty martinis.
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