If you passed by a bus stop and saw these 3 people:

1) Old woman that need a hospital
2) Old friend who saved your life in the past
3) Your life partner that you've always dreamt about

You have to pick only one passenger which one would you pick ?

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    If I remember right, the question was phrased kind of differently.

    You are informed that car has 2 seats and are asked what would you do, instead of asking what one passenger would you choose.


    You let your friend drive a car with old woman and you stay at the bus stop with life partner you have dreamt of
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    @blem14 question is more tricky and fi, but answering to @Mba3gar one: i dont dream about any partner so she doesn't exist or it's better to leave her in my dreams to have ine to dream about. Old lady will die probably, so I will gelp her only if my friend dont need help by himself. So usually I chose my friend because he is one of three people who puts effort to listen me and dont hate me (except family)
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    Can't I read the minds of the other two people as well?
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    1 pick up the old lady
    2 complain to hero and convince him to save another life, then duct tape 🦆 him to the roof of the ride
    3 hand over the grand prize to the hero and drive off to the hospital to drop off your first picked up cargo
    4 Tell old hero to fuck off, you da new hero
    5 Marry the grand prize
    6 New hero lived happily ever after

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    Karma saved the day, the busses were on strike anyway
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    @karma dude LOL @ ur metaphors 😂
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    @BadCompany I'ma poet man! I also boldomatic 👍🤷‍♂️
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    I'd take the old lady. She's more important.

    I never asked the old friend to save my life, therefore I don't own them anything.

    I'm not interested in that romance bullshit and I've never dreamed of having a partner, so if my "partner" really was there, I'd ditch him.
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