My work does this contest where they email everyone a puzzle where you have to guess a safety slogan. They give you maybe 1-2 letters in each word and there are about 5 or 6 words. So I found a list of every word in the English language online, I imported it into a database and I ran a few queries to return all possible words for each, depending on the length of the word, and where the letter hints are placed. I haven't missed one puzzle so far. :D

p.s. I told my girlfriend and she said, "I am dating a nerd".

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    Hahaha fucking awesome!
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    *You hear a helicopter approaching*

    *You see someone step out*

    *They walk in with suit*
    I prefer the term *dramatic pause* geek.
    *Takes sunglasses off*
    *Walks over to water dispenser and pours water for themselves*
    You see mister eh, @Jaaywags. There is a major difference between a geek and a nerd.
    *Gestures to chair*
    Take a seat.

    Now. What is the first thing you think of when I say nerd? Maybe a lonely intelligent individual?

    Ah, that's what I thought. But a geek on the other hand is an intelligent individual who seeks another group of intelligent individuals.

    And that's why you and I are here, on DevRant.
    *Takes sip of water and stands up*
    Now I must not leave my helicopter waiting. I hope you remember the highly important difference between geeks and nerds.
    *Puts sunglasses back on and strolls out*

    I hope you enjoyed this chat!
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    @coolq if you dont play dnd or whitewolf or some sort of tabletop roleplaying or tabletop inspired game, start. I think youd enjoy it.
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    Nerd? Nah. I prefer the term intellectual badass
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    @plumbus @kgbemployee Hey!

    Thanks everyone for reading that. I play PathFinder which is like D&D. And I like it! I also play other boardgames too.

    Do you play boardgames? If you think they're are all like Scrabble then that's just the tip of the iceberg 😉

    For D&D I only play PathFinder the adventure card game, which is pretty good but not really the classic D&D, we get some friends over to play, one of them is really into it, they play like five games a day...
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    @kgbemployee yeah, it requires a group that are able to make jokes about each other. Otherwise it can get a bit tense.

    I hope you can find another group!
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