have been using Windows in my laptop for over 5 years. This is the first time it has happened. This should not have happened :@

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    If your laptop's manufacturer gave you a recovery provision(like a hidden partition), you should use it.

    Do you have a bootable windows installer on a DVD or thumb drive perhaps? If you do, you can also try using it to perform a "startup repair/restore". Most of the time, this would copy the missing/corrupted boot config files back to your disk.
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    @bigus-dickus I'm trying with Windows in a pendrive.
    but I'm unable to get to the boot menu (or whatever it is called) (the thing we get when F8 or F12 is pressed during booting)
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    what to do?
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    @gsn16 Turn off, plug in your pendrive, hit delete as soon as you power on to access the BIOS. Then use the arrow keys to go to the 'boot device order/options' to set your pendrive as the first boot device (set it to be the top most on the list). Then save and exit.
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    If you have any files that are not backed up, boot to Linux to try and salvage them.
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    How else are they going to sell you another shitty pc?
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    @gsn16 try all the keys on your keyboard just as your computer boots (escape, F1-12, etc...)
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    thank all.
    @c3ypt1c @electrineer @bigus-dickus
    the Lenovo had a secret button which on pressing gave me the option to open boot menu.
    #puzzle #solved #lenovo
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    *Windows Kernel Error*
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