"Ahem... have you heard of ColdFusion?"


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    What does it have to do with HTML?
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    That's cfm, not html 😁
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    Ah ColdFusion...memories. Is it still a thing?
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    cfml, colfusion markup language, yes , ur point? 😜
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    @platypus it is, one of my friend still uses it. How bad is it?
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    @devTea It's been a while. IIRC, like most markup based things, was easy to get going, but got more painful overtime.

    But, had its place---as almost all programming languages do at some point.
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    @trickory @resoftw oh c'mon! i know it's not the same thing, but... the similarity is obvious! also, with html5 which allows custom tags, it COULD actually pass/classify as HTML, no?

    in any case, it was a joke.
    jokes are allowed a bit of inaccuracy for the purposes of being funny.
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    @BadCompany exactly that.
    programming in a markup language
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    dude that's not HTML, HTML is for markup only.
    have you heard of templates ?
    *insert face palm
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    why the fuck eclipse?
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    If it only was funny I‘d agree.
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