At work, an idiot who has never worked on machine learning before and understands nothing about it: "You know what, machine learning isn't actually hard. It is just basic statistics and then you download the model online and that's it! There's nothing else you are doing!"

STFU, you moron! Do you think just any model can work for your use case? Do you fucking think it is easy to come up with new architecture for a very specific use case and test it accurately? Do you think it's easy to effectively train a model and do hyper-parameter optimization?Do you fucking think it is easy to retrieve the right data for your use case? Do you think it's easy to keep up with research papers on arXiv being released daily? Do you think this is fucking javascript and there's a framework for everything? Stfu!
Honestly, i hate ignorant morons who generalize stuff they don't clearly understand.

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    This sorta makes me want to learn about it now.
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    Where is that damn picture when I ne.... oh, here it is
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    I barely passed my ML exam on friday xD there is a lot to it and tons of methods for all the different things. It's definately a very interesting topic.
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    @CatMDV These are the kind of memes people who understand nothing about Machine learning make
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    @CodesNotHot how would you describe it?
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