simple trivial question:
is Kotlin a java Dialect, or entirely different Language?

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    Different language.
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    I'd say it's a different one.
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    @platypus @PrivateGER can you tell me why? because i don't understand the definition of dialect, i mean like for example lisp dialect.
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    @wowotek It's fundamentally a different language. It's not Java with additions.

    The only reason this question would arise, I suspect, is because they are both primarily JVM languages. But, in theory, any language can compile to the JVM.

    A dialect would be the same basic language with some minor changes---so when you looked at both dialects you'd say "LISP".

    If you look at Kotlin, you don't say, "Java".
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    @platypus Aaaah i see, great explaination!

    i know JVM ia Java Virtual Machine but i never pretend it like a "Machine". thank you, for real!
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    I feel Its like a blend of many features from different languages in terms of syntax but its staticaly typed behavior makes it unusual and different than java.
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