I've been swapping through a couple of ROM's recently for my Nexus 6P but I don't really like any of them a whole lot.. so I've been thinking to build my own from source. However I'd also like to discard Google while I'm at it, and instead go with F-droid, DuckDuckGo, and AOSP keyboard. The problem is that I currently don't see any viable alternatives to the following: Google Assistant, Google Play Services (particularly in-app purchases like those for devRant), Google Maps and Google Calendar. Which alternatives would you recommend, and which are you perhaps using yourself as alternatives? Thanks!

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    A very huge project
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    @Mba3gar nah, it's doable. I've got quite a bit of experience with building kernels already, and heard that building Android isn't too different. Apparently there's things like Kitchen etc that should ease the build process. It's mostly just a big compilation process.
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    Assistant: no clue, don't use one.

    Play store: Yalp store/Aurora. They download apps from the playstore without having to have it installed. In app purchases: idk, never do those but don't think that's possible.
    Also: F-Droid, an app store with only open source apps

    Maps: openstreetmaps through apps like OsmAnd.

    Calendar: don't use a calendar so no clue. Want to use one through my iredmail server though and most android calendar sync thingies support caldav which is supported by iredmail so yah
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    @linuxxx I didn't realize that iRedMail has calendar support. If I can migrate my Google Calendar into there, that'd be quite amazing! I'll also try out Yalp and Aurora, but in-app purchases are quite important for me to keep running though. How are you currently maintaining your devRant++ subscription?
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    @Condor Automatic PayPal payment I setup when I got it ;)

    Doesn't require any interaction since I set it up.
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    @RantSomeWhere I'll have a look at that :) currently setting up a dev environment in an Ubuntu VM.. something which instead of that stupid WSL with all its quirks I should've done so much earlier. Hopefully I'll be able to compile my own. Otherwise I'll have to take another look at the prebuilt custom ROM's again yes.
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    @Condor dot os (dotontime) is cool. Have you tried it?
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    @ewpratten Haven't even heard of that one yet, but I'll try to remember to flash it. Thanks for the suggestion! :D
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