I have joined a pretty exiting project that I think many of you here would like.
I'll probably announce something in the coming month when the product is starting to get ready

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    Now you got me curious :3 keep us updated!
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    Hey, it's me. It's been a few months already, any news you're willing to share?
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    @Jilano it's been four hours only lol what calendar are you using 😛
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    @gitpush The children's one, haha! I'm really curious about his secret project :D
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    How do we subscribe to your announcement?
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    I dont know, I've thought of getting a mailing list up. But I'll probably announce it here and invite all the people here.
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    Awesome. Staying tuned.
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    @Jilano hahaha well chosen my friend 😂
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    Great! What is the announcement?
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    📻 (staying tuned)
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    @Brosyl *starts touching every buttons* "So hum... Can I get the news on this thing?"
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    "Brrrzzhsh... so yeah, basically, that's why I didn't choose the th... EEEENDS, AND WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE EEE... ump's next campain is already in p... Shrrrrzhbzz... rry for you, but it wasn't the awaited answer, maybe next time! Anyway, there's is still a lot of conc... road is totally blocked by a truck, beware... ime for @Linux announcement! So, the great news is that KLANGALANG"

    Nice, you fucking broke it with all your rumble fumble touchy turny shit! Now we will never know 😠 !
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