Hey guys.
Can't find help for this.
I want to program my arduino with my phone, but ArduinoDroid doesn't detect the Arduino while the device detects a USB device plugged in.
Can't find any help so don't know if it's my android (xioami mi A1 Android 8.1, soon Android 9). Anyone who uses that knows?

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    You probably need a root and a modified kernel that has the correct drivers
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    @D3add3d no such requirements as long as the phone suports otg. Most likely it's android 8, Google has to brake old apps on every update (my conspiracy theory, they do it to force us buying two phones)...
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    I fucking found it
    "Failed to set baud rate: -9"

    Make sure you've selected right board type. Recent times more and more Arduino clones use CH340G instead of original FTDI.  If you've purchase cheap Chinese one, that's your case most likely. Read more.

    So all my arduinos have a different board because they are Chinese copies, only had to change the board, but tought CH340G was some special board with shields.
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    yeah man, wanted to say, but u already solved it. arduino connection problems 90% of time
    or baudrate/com port
    or wrong chipset configured
    this served me lots of frustrations in de past
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    Yep and can only use the Nanos, only have unos for tests then more to Nanos.
    Well I can program a arduino to program another, so it's OK
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