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I am dextel2, if you know me, might as well know that I'm facing from quite issues, work issues personal issues and health issues

Recently broke up with my girlfriend, because I was or may be am too coward to carry on or maybe too scared from the future or our future. Initially, the break-up was mutual and understandable, this naturally affected my focus on work.

To overcome this and work issues it took me a week or so, meanwhile I mailed her few gifts for her birthday (2 weeks before her birthday), I didn't or nearly didn't wished and after wishing her she said something which affected me even worse, I don't know if we are even friends, this incident took place 3 days before, and its still fresh for me but somehow I'll overcome.

Maybe that's why I changed my username.

My parents, especially my mother knows there's something wrong with me and advised my to be happy (funny, right? because this was after I changed my username) .

I was not able to focus on work, the boss called in and gave me "improve yourself or if" pep talk, and while that duration (maybe before) I've been partially blind (thanks to my meds for epilepsy), I'll consult soon to my doctor when he is back from his vacation.

As of now, writing this rant I have no regrets so far, the only thing is that I want to be happy, maybe I am depressed, maybe this is due to her (can't really blame her).

Please help, how would you handle such stress and be happy?

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    I would seek help and talk to some people close to me about my problems. Friends or family. And through my docter maybe go to therapy until I'm back at being awesome!
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    Bro stay strong, let time heal your wounds 💪 just don't give up.

    Same in programming in case you faced an error or a bug on production you don't give up as well you don't leave it, sometime it take time to be solved but in the end it will be fixed.

    Remember this quote "You are not able to be strong if you don`t have any encounters. Hard times help to build a strong character." and never show weakness to anyone they will take advantage of it

    Cheers mate
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    @MisterArie Oh yes, nearly forgot to mention about the 2 friends I've got who are located in remote locations due to jobs one of them meets up every Saturday, but we don't primary talk about each other's problems, just have a good time.
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    @Mba3gar Wise words, thank you, will never forget that quote.
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    @NoMad true that, guess will need to focus on the quote as @Mba3gar , I too watch and re-watch TV shows, they help you to distract but it's you who is and help yourself...my todo list is

    > remove her entirely out of system

    > never take another regret or guilt

    > try and be happy
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