I want to build an Android app...
- I hate NPM (NodeJS is neat, but NPM is annoying af)
- I hate Java
- I hate Dart
- I hate Windows

Fuck my life...

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    Maybe you need to look inward
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    @jespersh well, thing is:

    - NPM gives near-instant dependency hell

    - Java is a pain to write (I used to write Java back when I still ran public Minecraft servers)

    - Dart is just has a way too big learning curve for a simple project like I want to make

    - and Windows is just well... Windows...
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    @practiseSafeHex I tried Kotlin a while ago and while it was definitely a neat thing, it just didn't click with me (mainly because I'm a webdev guy who wants to make quick prototypes)
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    @practiseSafeHex yeah, that's probably the way to go. Pretty nice syntax and integration with JetBrains
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    @FinlayDaG33k I’ve never used the android equivalent, but I know it now has a similar thing to iOS Storyboards. Those are great for prototyping.
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    @FinlayDaG33k if you want a quick prototyping why don't you use Processing 3? or maybe p5.js since you are webdev guy
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    @wowotek because I didn't know processing could do that .-.

    will look into it
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    Write an Android app in assembler. I will respect you forever.
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    To be fair to Dart it is quite simple to pick up and it makes loads of sense for Flutter.

    I dislike native Android development because Java(which is still the number 1 language regardless of how neat Kotlin is) makes everything much more time consuming and long due to the natural verbosity of the language coupled with the overenginered Android API. Managing permissions and fragment screens in Android is a pain in the ass and soon enough you forget about wh what t you were doing since it really is a case of complexity for the simplest things(database management, fragment management, permissions, xml layouts it is all a pain) and google docs give you 5 or 10 line code examples for something that in reality takes about 200 or 300 lines of very dense code.

    Oh, and I **love** Java, it is a language that I really know well, but Android killed the enjoyment that I get from using it.
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    @AleCx04 expanding on my previous response. Kotlin is nice, but it still can't prevail against the extensive Android api, my issue is not the language, but the API plus Kotlin remains a niche language since everything else JVM is either Java or Scala. So learning Kotlin is hard to come by when one is a web developer that knows that Kotlin has damn near no room in that space.

    One could say the same thing about Dart, but it has a lot of use inside Google, you can write Angular with Dart(even tho i prefer Typescript for this) and you can use Dart for server side. It is a nice language and really similar to Java in the oop sense, just with more syntax sugar.

    React Native is fine too, i have no issues with it other than performance for which you can always bridge to the Native counterpart.

    Xamarin is a Joke to me, its the same shit as the Android Api....but with c#, love c# as well but in that case i would just use Java.
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    @FinlayDaG33k you should ! as easy as single click, if you mean only for prototyping. for doing real project, i found it really slow as hell and battery draining.
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    Since when do you need windows to write android apps...?
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    @Artemix I tried doing that a while ago, never really worked out as I can barely find any good guides on doing that.

    I do work with rust sometimes so actually writing in rust is no biggie
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    @Gophyr Since writing Android apps in Xamarin is a thing.

    I know MonoDevelop is a thing but documentation is scarse on it when it comes to building android apps with C# and MonoDevelop
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    inb4 Kotlin or Qt
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    Appcelerator (used in devrant)
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    Uhm Xamarin?
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    Java and Kotlin are understandable but Dart? It is simple and easy. I migrated from native Android development to Dart,just to learn so I may not have a strong argument here. But still,I found it easier to build an app using Flutter as opposed to java and Kotlin. Can't say anything about nodejs as I am not familiar with Cordova
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    use pnpm search it on Google
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    React native?
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    @notAnkur Did not know about that, gonna look into it

    @mkdirLuci4 That's why Windows came in the list, cus I hate Windows, but it's pretty damn near mandatory to use if you want to use Xamarin
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    Building apps is weird when you're used to working with PHP...

    where you just hide stuff the user shouldn't get access to on the server...
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    @FinlayDaG33k no, I use java for android
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    @notAnkur how do you mean?
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