Ruby. Ruby this. Ruby that. Ruby in a box. Ruby with a hat. Ruby with a fox.

My job swears that there is no need for React, even though Rails now comes baked with webpack.

React with a jet pack. React with webpack. React in my web stack.

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    What about ActiveStorage, ActiveJob and ActionCable? Mix some ActionMailer and you double your retainer.
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    There is no need for react
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    so poetic. love it.
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    forget ruby
    use Crystal
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    I just read it like a rapπŸ˜…
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    Block him, block them, block everyone, with block chain.
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    ++ for the rhyme and rhythm!
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    ++1 For the fresh rhymes @bioDan
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    @b3bold i test it with Rspec, Capybara and Selenium.
    My DSL is bloated, my tests complete in a millenium.

    No time to criticize, gotta optimize, and realize, one good thing for me;
    at least most of the code relies on Ruby.

    Thank god for CI's like Travis, Jenkis or Codeship. Without them the devs life would really be rip πŸ’€
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    @b3bold btw, allow me to promote my own failed ruby code-poetic post from a while ago:

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    @vlatkozelka i don't give a shit which one is it, all of them have ligma.
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