hi there,
i always wanted to have "developer t-shirts" but never liked those cheesy shirts with slogans or jokes everyone of us heard a thousand times. i always wanted something more classy - which shows i'm a programmer but also looks stylish.
so i started to make some designs and have uploaded them to teespring. it's called "foobar apparel" and everything is about foobar.
since this is my first t-shirt campaign i would love your feedback - what do you think about them?
of course i'm happy if you like them and want to buy some - mine are already shipping :)

here's the links: https://teespring.com/stores/...

if this is not the right place to post this here, just delete it - sorry.

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    Most people will probably ask where this bar is
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    @LastDigitOfPi thanks! :)

    @trickory writing down new business idea 😂
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    @gaambo This one business idea everyone has once in their life 😂
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    @trickory I've always wanted to open a bar called The Tipsy Transistor 🍺
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    At my uni we have a kiosk named foobar. Given your font is a little reminiscent of the carlsberg logo, this is awesome! 😃
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    thank you all for your feedback! :)

    i'm glad most of you like them and to see you recognized the idea behind the original design (to look like those old fonts).

    i also created a baseball-like shirt for my self a couple of months ago.

    one other question: what do you think about the pricing? are they too expensive? it's just a fun side project, so not looking at getting rich with this :D
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    @gaambo Depends on the quality but you could think of making them yourself or at a local printing shop. Better quality prints and shirts at just a fraction of the price.
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