I don't get all the hate for Javascript, or I might be spoiled with ES6 and React clouding my judgement. :P

I could write web pages in Javascript all day long. It's better in my opinion then writing pure HTML and CSS. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Maybe I'm more cut-out for full stack dev work then I thought...

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    First(and I apologize my dude but I have to do it) its than* not then.

    And I agree 100% with ya. I like building stuff programatically rather than through html and css. Of course we still require css and html, but it makes sense to me to do it while literally programming the interface.

    Js does get some hate because of its quirks, but all in all I enjoy it and it is one of my favorite languages. It really does give you ample amounts of freedom to do all sorts of crazyness
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    If only it had types. It would probably be my favorite language. Thanks god for typescript. I just dont see the need for dynamic languages. Things like refactoring and autocomplete are so much better in static typed languages. Also it saves you to look at the docs most of the time.
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    @musician i like how on the react website itself it says “you can use something like propTypes, but for bigger projects you’ll want to use typescript”
    I almost fell of my chair laughing when i first read that
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