Damn reading is so addictive, i just can't stay away from books. Books over humans for life!

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    I miss those days man.

    My attention span has gone to shit these days though 😭
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    @Stuxnet mine has gone worse too. But then when i get into one book i just get into it. I just stay onto the path. I ensure that i read everyday. Even if it is just one page. But i do read everyday
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    reading is boring
    the longest session of reading of mine was 90-100 pages and then I eventually got bored and never looked back at that book
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    I just can't seem to stay away from Devrant.
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    @bigus-dickus this is so true. Besides you're living more. Since a book stays with you longer. Also you get to live so many lives. I'm a huge fan of science fiction, existentialism and absurdism.
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    @andr3w000 I'm so sorry for you. ☹️
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    Yeah! Hold my " BEER ".
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    Didn't found any book that's interesting to me in my whole life.
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