This is a trap.

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    How is this a trap, it's clearly a string
    The quotes kind of give it away?
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    @RememberMe Thats why it is a trap man. Youve been programming way too long haha
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    $ typeof <code>"False"</code>
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    In JavaScript, it is a string, a Boolean and a number 😂😂
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    Fucking python 😂😂!
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    @trickory well, fair enough, but this is kind of seriously basic.
    Apologies to OP if he's just started.
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    this is a trap for beginners aimed at testing/teaching them noticing details that are usually irrelevant but in programming very significant.
    same as, for example, the difference between:
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    haha RIP to anyone who's ever done OCA / OCP Java exams. This post is literally your life preparing for the exam
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