I hate it when book publishers of tech books don't have their own DRM-free formats. I then have to go on Amazon and see that the Kindle version is only 10% cheaper than paper. Then I factor in the fact that they probably fucked up the formatting on the ebook. So, I end up just buying the paper one and my office continues to resemble a mad scientist's library.

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    be honest

    the books comfort you
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    @rant1ng They did until they started to take over. Now I'm afraid of a paper coup.
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    TBH I'd like to have such a library. Books are somewhat aesthetically pleasing not to mention useful.
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    @BadFox Yes. I would love a library with a big brown leather chair, a drinks cabinet and walls dusty books. But, I'm afraid I don't have the space.
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    @platypus same here. I settle for a ton of ebooks and my phone. A fireplace would be nice though. Actually, my ideal space would be a glass ceiling, wooden bookshelves full of technical materials and some novels here and there and finally, a firepit in the middle of the room. As you said though, the leather chair would be nice as well, reclining tho.
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    @BadFox I feel bad when I throw old tech books out, but, has to be done if I'm not to live in a mountain of crap.
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    @platypus could always donate them to a library or something. Might help some of the ignorance and stupidity regarding tech.
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    @BadFox No one seems to want stuff like that. Tried a charity shop. No interest. Fair enough---what good is out of date content to those wishing to learn?

    You can go to college for that.
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    @platypus well, out of date content might be good for maintaining legacy code, no?

    Yeah, the college answer is fair except that you have a whole course to do instead of just the specific thing you might want to learn.
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    @BadFox Yes, but what are the chances of someone maintaining legacy code finding my second-hand book?

    And people who maintain legacy code probably knew it when it was fresh.
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    @platypus it's a fair point. COBOL programmers to the rescue.
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