Executed chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www on my server without even thinking.

Not long after I panicked for a few seconds while checking if everything was still working. I didn't know if this command would break stuff or not.

So glad all websites are still working.

Now I'm sitting here thinking: was I braindead while executing the command??

All I wanted to do was set the right permissions for certain folders because images couldn't be uploaded with PHP.

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    Are you building something on your own? 🤔 Or using sth. like nextcloud?
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    Ideally, the web server should have read access to your shit but not write access, for security. Especially if it's a shared server. Wordpress however can use that write access to auto update itself.
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    Does the upload work now?
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    @d4ng3r0u5 It's a very basic Scaleway ubuntu server with Nginx installed. It runs like 5 websites and I use gitlab CI to update the websites on the server.

    @Irithyll Yeah, it's a shared server and I'm running 1 wordpress site on it. From your experience, should I undo my www-data command?

    @sefaiba Yes, it does work now :D
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    From my experience hehe...
    I really don't know - it's everywhere recommended more or less.
    It's just important that there is a different user for your "internet things". ☺

    I'm running atm nextcloud, a forum, an "under construction" blog and a half mailserver on my rpi3. The main site itself is just blank x)

    Edit: There are some "web security checking" sites like www.htbridge.com ... just search around. Some of them need a registration... meeh...
    It's helpful ☺
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    @Irithyll Alright, thanks!

    P.S. I accidentally swapped you two @d4ng3r0u5 @Irithyll
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