I've never had a great experience working with designers, but this one might be the laziest! Props if it's for a friend and unpaid though.

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    I think it's actually just really clever. It'll make people read it and it'll stick in their heads.
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    That is more than awesome
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    The font in the message bubbles is a different size than in the text box at the bottom, so yes this was deliberate
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    Someone quote Steve Jobs!
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    Haha, I've seen that one before. It's actually pretty clever
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    I didn't get it at all... Can someone explain please?
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    @Charon92 I just realized I didn't read the details, just the conversation x)

    @Sagi02 The thing is that someone asked a designer friend to do a poster for their "music nights", and the designer, taking advantage of the details being in the conversation, just screenshot it and put it as the actual poster. Laziness at its greatest!

    @tbodt Would they add "Orange" deliberately as an ISP though?
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    Ok lol too deep for me, thanks ^^
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    @TheOct0 it seems like they took a screenshot of their phone, deleted the contents of the messages area, and recreated it in photoshop
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    @tbodt Seems logical
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    @TheOct0 maybe Orange is sponsoring it :D
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    @D3add3d Could be so, but I hope they're not paying too much for the spot since it's not exactly put in front x)
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    I just realized it reminds me of Mind Games' album cover (by Palisades)
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    laziness, the fundamentals of good code, and apparently for design too
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    This is a really great design!
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