Hey guys any advice/study plan for a 22 year old C++ Server developer to transition into data science ?

P.s. currently based in London

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    Yes, are you good at math? If not, get good at math first(linear algebra and statistics will do for now) and don't listen to anyone that tells you that you don't need it.

    As far as the programming goes, c++ is actually the most powerful machine learning language, most people don't realize it but their favorite ml stacks are wrapped around c++ libs. You are good with c++, but Python will help a lot as well. Get good with Python.

    Aaaaand finally. Try Andrew Ng's course. Its pretty good. After that you can try a class dedicated to Tensorflow, there are some good Udemy courses(check our Jose Portillo from Pierian science)

    You'll be a'ight my dude. Have fun!
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    @AleCx04 thanks for the quick reply and for the good advise, I am actually familiar with Python since I have created a Text Summarisaton platform with it and Django. I was suggested to complete the linear algebra course by mit opencourseware and then their statistics course in order to get data analytics, but my true passion (and the essence or my question) was what sort of mathematics would I need to be able to read through all the newly released white papers in the field of AI and ML ? ... thanks again

    Programming is no problem whatsoever since i have been doing it since i was 10, but i am worried about the math part :/
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    What if you’re terrible at math? Any good, free resources for that?

    I’m terrible with numbers, but ok with algebra - if that helps.
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    @architect @Brolls yeah linear algebra and calculus will do for now :) check out Khan Academy to prepare yourself for that there and you should be good to go. When push comes to shove, it will make sense. Read about math knowing this one single truth:

    Mathematicians write books while sucking their own dicks(because no one else will) to make shit sound more complicated than it is.

    Go through Khan academy my dude, you can learn this, you just need some math practice and you will be good :D have faith
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